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KEFL Sports Push Up Bar Set

Introducing our Push-Up Bar Set, designed to revolutionize your upper body workout. These bars provide an extended range of motion and reduce strain on your wrists, allowing for more effective push-ups. Strengthen your chest, shoulders, and arms with this versatile fitness accessory.

Sale price£4.49 Regular price£9.99

Introducing our Push-Up Bar Set - a game-changer for upper body training. With an extended range of motion and reduced wrist strain, these bars amplify the effectiveness of your push-ups.

From standard to advanced variations, they offer a versatile upper body workout. Strengthen your chest, shoulders, and arms with confidence and comfort.

These bars open up a world of possibilities for variations and added intensity. From wide-grip to narrow-grip and even declined push-ups, the range of exercises you can perform with these bars is extensive. They seamlessly integrate into your existing workout routine, offering a diverse upper body challenge.