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KEFL Power Bands

Transform your workouts with our Power Bands – the ultimate fitness upgrade. Versatile and durable, these bands provide dynamic resistance for all fitness levels. Crafted from high-quality latex, they maintain elasticity through intense workouts. Perfect for strength training and mobility exercises, these compact and portable bands are your go-to fitness solution.

Sale price£3.99 Regular price£4.99
size: Yellow - 3-6kg (£4.49)


KEFL Power Band    
Colour Resistance (Approximate) Resistance Band Weight Band Dimensions
Yellow 3-6kg | 8-15lbs 53g | 0.11lbs 208x0.45x0.64cm | 82x0.18x0.25in
Red 6-15kg | 15-35lbs 118g | 0.26lbs 208x0.45x1.3cm | 82x0.18x0.51in
Black 11-29kg | 25-65lbs 183g | 0.40lbs 208x0.45x2.1cm | 82x0.18x0.82in
Purple 15-38kg | 35-85lbs 267g | 0.58lbs 208x0.45x3.2cm | 82x0.18x1.25in
Green 22-56kg | 50-125lbs 381g | 0.83lbs 208x0.45x4.5cm | 82x0.18x1.77in
Blue 29-79kg | 65-175lbs 542g | 1.19lbs 208x0.45x6.4cm | 82x0.18x2.51in
Orange 36-104kg | 80-230lbs 727g | 1.60lbs 208x0.45x8.3cm | 82x0.18x3.26in
Grey 45-136kg | 100-300lbs 1000g | 2.20lbs 208x0.45x10.2cm | 82x0.18x4.01in