Dumbbell Buying Guide – How to Choose the Best Equipment for Your Needs

Dumbbell Buying Guide – How to Choose the Best Equipment for Your Needs - KEFLUK

Want to stay fit and healthy from the privacy of your home? The equipment you use is very important as it impacts your fitness directly. For instance, strength training with free weights like dumbbells lets you perform a range of exercises to boost strength, muscle development, and overall fitness. In this article, we will guide you as to which dumbbell is best suited for your needs.

Fixed vs. Adjustable Dumbbells

Fixed - These dumbbells are available in pairs of fixed weight settings. They are generally easier to balance, so it could be the best option to lift heavy weights for beginners. It is advisable to buy a rack as you have to take proper care of them. 

Adjustable - These are basically small barbells with removable plates. As is evident from the name, they don’t have a fixed weight, so you can modify the weight as you work out. Moreover, these are great if the space is restricted – you don’t have to purchase a dumbbell rack because there is just one pair of dumbbells to work with. In fact, many accommodate heavy weights up to 90 pounds!

Weight Range

If the dumbbells are for home use, and the weight range is quite extensive, opt for adjustable ones as mentioned above, for lighter weights. When it comes to heavy weights, choose fixed dumbbells. Do you intend to experiment with a smaller weight range? Then one pair of adjustable dumbbells is all you need. 

Shape and Material

When it comes to commercial gyms, you are likely to find hexagonal or circular dumbbells in rubber or vinyl. For home gyms, the most economical option would be to choose ones made of metal such as chrome or cast iron. Rubberised ones are great too, but it is best to stick to hexagonal ones, or else they might roll away if the floor is slightly uneven.

What about grip?

Are you just starting out with dumbbells? It is imperative they have a good grip, as you don’t want them constantly slipping out of sweaty palms! Dumbbells that come with knurling ensure a solid grip, so you can lift without worrying about them slipping. For women, it is best to get dumbbells with slightly thinner grips, as it affords a more comfortable hold, as you wrap your palms around them.

Confused about which dumbbells to buy? Please browse through our collection at your leisure, and you will surely know which ones to purchase as per requirements!