Is a Barbell a Vital Component of Strength Training?

Is a Barbell a Vital Component of Strength Training? - KEFLUK

It can be overwhelming to decide which piece of equipment to buy in order to get fit and strong, especially since there are so many to choose from. In fact, it is difficult to understand where to start and what to do. However, barbells can resolve your dilemma as they are a great tool for all levels of fitness and various types of strength training.

What are the benefits of barbells?

Lift more

Barbells are designed in such a manner so you can lift more weight as you progress. All you have to do is just add additional weight plates to the bar, and you can continue training at your pace. The reason you should continuously lift more weight is to challenge your muscles. Remember that muscle fibres adapt to what you throw at them, so if you want to continue making gains, you have to lift more weight. When compared to weighted machines, barbells are more convenient. The latter is usually catered toward specific muscle groups or movements, and requires you to switch between machines. 


If you wish to opt for full-body workouts, then barbell sets are just what you need as they are extremely versatile. They aren’t just confined to one type of exercise or body part, and can be incorporated into a wide variety of movements. Moreover, they are easy to use, so even if you are a beginner, it won’t take long to develop a routine training with a barbell and learn basic lifts. 

Strengthen entire body

Barbells let you indulge in compound exercise routines that include deadlift, squat, bench press, press, etc. Basically, they engage multiple muscle groups at once, which create better functional strength, force, and power. It helps your whole body to get stronger and fitter, instead of specific areas.

Easy to store

If you have limited space in your home, then barbell sets are your best bet. They can be easily stored away when not in use. You can get a barbell rack or put them in a cupboard. They don’t take up much room on the floor as well. Ideally, a rack works great as it helps keep workout areas clean, free from tripping hazards and protects the equipment from getting damaged.

What to remember while choosing barbell sets?

When you are lifting, it is necessary to achieve a strong, controlled, and well-placed grip, which is why knurling is crucial. Knurling is the crosshatch pattern on the shaft of the barbell designed to increase the amount of grip on the bar by enhancing friction between your hands and the bar. Knurling also helps strike a balance between grip and comfort, so you get the most out of your lifts. The pattern, depth, and finish of the knurling, is vital for the performance and safety of the lifter. 

Barbells can be used in several kinds of training such as CrossFit, powerlifting, weightlifting, and much more. So what are you waiting for? Shop for barbells at our store and begin your barbell exercises right away!